It first started with the Pryk (toothpick) and now the Prydent (fork) and Pryskoop (spoon) are here. These Pryktacular tools are the ones you want to take everywhere you go. Add them to your keys for an added flare or hang it on your Bug out bag. Where ever you like, Im sure you'll find creative uses for it.

Compatible with most key carriers.

Each tool with come with a small lanyard, ss wire keychain, 2 keyrings and a 3rd eye sticker.  Choose from the Drop Down Menu...

(Gen 2 Pryks are Here)

High Quality Phone Grip in Black Helps with Gripping Phone with one hand, Can also be used as a media stand. Front face has been printed with the 3rd Eye Tactical logo in White and comes ready to Stick onto your Device. Works with most Phones, tablets and cases.

Starts at $30

Baby Kreeper
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P R Y Ktacular tools


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Pryk-tacular options


3rdEyeTactical Phone Holder

​​the threeper Kreeper is a multi-tool that not only opens bottles with ease but can also be used to perform various tasks. functions include dual bottleopeners, prybar tip, 1/4" hexbit driver, 4 position wrench,  nailremover, flathead screwdriver, glassbreaker, wingnut drivers, and lanyard/accessory slots. accessories include 3 key rings, 1 stainless wire key chain, 1 3x3 3rd eye sticker,  1 vinyl kreeper decal, 1 exclusive 3et knuckle knot lanyard in the color of your choice and functions card.  Dont forget to add a Wrapture or miniwrap onto your order. thanks

$3.00 per sticker Free shipping WITHIn THE US


3rdeye tactical high quality 3x3 round "3rdeye" sticker.  order 1 or 2 and go stickerbombing today! dont forget to post pictures to Instagram

Starting AT $15.00


Starts at $65.00

The ShockTop Line is Back and now in a Full Size...

The ShockTop "Kreeper" kept his wide open eyes, traded his nose for 8mm and 10mm wrenches while...
The Shocktop "Trooper" rocks a more Aggressive look and carries an Oxygen tank Wrench.
(Thats a 3rd eye Tactical first) 

Both function great as a Hair/Beard Comb, Fork eating utensil, and come with dual BottleOpeners and keychain holes. 

Combs will be offered in TITANIUM for Strength that wont weigh you down. With Each Shocktop you will receive my Signature Knuckle Knot Lanyard, 3" 3rd Eye Sticker, Key Ring, Functions Card and FREE SHIPPING within the US. ​​

The Slim Kreeper multitool functions include dual bottleopeners, prybar, 1/4" Philips hexbit, hexbit holder with rubber rings, flathead screwdriver, glassbreaker, wingnut drivers, and lanyard/accessory slots. All SLIM Kreepers will ship with 3 keyrings, ss wire keychain, 3" 3rd eye sticker and an exclusive knuckleknot lanyard in the color of your choice if no color is selected, a random one will be sent. 


threeper  kREEPER 

3rd EYE glow Patch

The Lanyard ​that Comes standard with all Kreepers is now an option to buy. Get your Exclusive Knuckle Knot Lanyard that I designed in the color you want. Perfect for your knives and/or tools. Buy 1 for $12 or take advantage of the 3 for $30 deal. 

Still not sure what color you want, then type RANDOM in the space provided

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Add style and grip to your Kreeper gear below

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Gen 1 Pryk options


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Choose from 2 different ways to have your tool wrapped with 550 Paracord for added grip and Styling. While the miniwrap adds grip, it also lets any custom work shine through as it is not as thick as the Wrapture. The Wrapture is the ultimate in Grip though and really allows you to put some muscle behind it. Choose from the Drop Down Menu and don't forget to add the color Paracord you'd like.

Please note: This option is only for Threeper Kreepers or Baby Kreepers.


$10.00 PER PATCH


Glows in the Dark!

​​3ET "3RD EYE" Patch (GLOW)

Bounty Hunter Knife lanyard

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The Pryklops Pry tool is a beast and with its length, you get added leverage. Various upgrades from the Slim Kreeper, the Pryklops functions include Dual Bottle openers that let you open bottles with ease, 1/4'' hex driver, prybar tip, nailremover, glassbreaker, 2" screwdriver bit and tactical 3rdeye LOOP. Accessories included are o-rings, ss wire keychain, keyring, 3" 3rdeye sticker and My Signature Knuckle knot Lanyard in black paracord. Order from the Drop Down menu.

Jeepers Kreepers Where'd you get those PEEPERS... 

Peeper beads are here and in many different materials to choose from.. Perfect addition to any Knife or Multitool.  Get the bead itself or have it fixed onto one of my signature Knuckle Knot Lanyards (fixed paracord option) from the Drop down Menu. 

All beads include regular small black lanyards.


Custom Colors Please Type Here
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Just like the Threeper Kreepers you already love except on a smaller scale, the Baby Kreeper multitools may be small but still can tackle a multitude of obstacles. These multitools open bottles and come with a 1/4" bitdriver. Mini prybar tip and flathead screwdriver also come in handy. Small enough to carry on a keychain this lil guy is ready to go on an adventure, no matter where you take em. Shocktop Baby Kreeper Combs are currently SOLD OUT, choose from the drop down menu.


​​​Show your 3ET pride with one of our 3RD EYE tactical morale patches with Glow in the Dark Accents

Patch is made of high quality pvc rubber. Overall Size is 2.5"

Velcro Patch comes with soft loop backing. 

Take advantage of this new batch before it SELLS OUT once again.

"3rdeye" stickers

The Bounty Hunter Knife/tool Lanyard comes with black skulls that are wrapped in between paracord to form a unque twist on a classic knot. 

At 15 Dollars each, this is an inexpensive upgrade as it offers better handling and Styling of your tool.  order one or more today for all those knives in your collection! 

Starts at $30

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​Free Shipping Within The US